Young person riding bike in forest

Enjoyment, achievement & wellbeing

We provide our young people with a range of diverse learning experiences such as activities and holidays which provide opportunities for positive and trusting relationship building.

Supporting young people to enjoy life and have fun

There is an expectation that all staff will organise and participate in a range of activities and holidays. They should:

  • Be planned, taking into consideration the specific learning and development opportunities of each individual young person and reflect their creative, intellectual, physical and social interest.
  • Support the development of hobbies and interests and be based around their personal preferences and abilities as far as practicable, thus promoting the development of their self-esteem and confidence.
  • Provide opportunities to experience new activities in order to widen their learning and knowledge and staff should ensure that they are aware of what local leisure, cultural and religious opportunities are open to them.
  • Provide opportunities to integrate into the community and with others – including exploring organised youth activities, youth centres and sports centres within the local area. Where appropriate there should be opportunities for young people to integrate with appropriate peers, including staff taking friends with them on activities where risk assessed prior as suitable.
  • Take into consideration the stage/ intended outcome of the placement for example using appropriate budgeting skills surrounding planning activities to ensure these are obtainable in the future for the young person to continue after leaving us.
  • Make use of resources of the home and the skills of the staff team, utilising both. All homes will have art materials, books, access to computers/ board games, pamper equipment etc. It is the staff teams responsibility to ensure these resources are available and of good varied quality for a range of levels of understanding/ ability.
  • Ensure that young people with learning needs/ disabilities are not excluded from opportunities to participate in both leisure and cultural activities

Celebrating Achievements

Dove Adolescent Services staff are proactive in recognising any achievements made by the young people and celebrate these appropriately with them. This is not limited to educational achievements, but will encompass learning and development holistically for a child.

Staff are responsible for ensuring such occasions are documented and form part of a child’s journey file, enabling young people to clearly see what they have achieved and improve their self-esteem. Each month the young people receive an individualised newsletter which details their achievements over the month and what they have planned for the following month.

Young person celebrating good news