Jasmine House

Jasmine House is a registered two to two ratio residential home which accommodates young people of both genders with emotional and behavioural difficulties. The home is situated within easy reach of local amenities, Barnsley town centre and within close proximity to the M1 motorway.

Jasmine House

Manager: Diane Lockwood

Ethos of Jasmine House

The ethos of the home is underpinned by the organisations model of care. The staff team are committed to the young people who live at Jasmine House to ensure that they achieve their full potential. Holistic individualised child focussed packages of care are evolved for the young people in conjunction with NSCAP and all professionals who are involved with the young people. Jasmine House provides a nurturing environment which supports the young people to achieve a sense of permanency.

Age of Young People

Jasmine House can accommodate young people of any age; however normally they are between 8 and 18 years old. The admission process is robust and includes the completion of a shared living risk assessment which allows young people’s needs to be carefully matched with co-residents, including age, stage and emotional development to ensure that the placement is in the best interests of both young people.


Jasmine House is a four bedroom detached house with a large rear garden and proportionate front garden with driveway. The rear garden is enclosed making it ideal for outdoor activities and summer BBQ’s. We also have garden accessories including garden games for use during the summer.

The ground floor consists of an open plan living room/dining room, kitchen with breakfast area and a downstairs WC.

The first floor compromises of two bedrooms for young people, a staff sleep room, an office/ sleep room and a bathroom with bath and shower facilities.

All shared areas of the home are accessible to young people. In the interest of confidentiality young people do not have access to the staff office.

At Jasmine House we endeavour to ensure that a warm homely environment is created to inspire young people to feel safe and secure. The daily routine of the home is centred on the young people’s needs. We make every effort to involve young people as much as possible with the decisions around the home for example, we encourage young people to personalise their surroundings by actively participating in choosing decoration and furnishings for the home, putting up photographs and personalising their own room.

Staff have positive relationships with the children’s families. The children enjoy regular visits and overnight stays with their family. These have increased in frequency and time. This has given the children secure relationships and bonds with their family members. A child’s grandparent said: ‘The staff are excellent. They speak to me regularly and [child’s name] is doing well. I’m so pleased. She comes home to stay most weekends.’

Ofsted, 2021

Children make progress because of the consistent and nurturing care provided by staff. All of the children have made new friends and are progressing in many aspects of their lives. Consequently, the children have more confidence are more confident, and improved self-esteem.

Ofsted, 2021

Children enjoy good health outcomes. All the children are registered with the relevant services, including the doctor, dentist and optician. Children who experience anxiety attending health appointments are given good support and encouragement from staff. This means that over time their attendance at all routine health appointments has progressed.

Ofsted, 2021

Children have an active social life, with hobbies and interests being pursued. There are regular trips to the stables for horse riding and holidays on the coast. This has broadened the children’s life experience and increased their social and independence skills.

Ofsted, 2021

Consultation is part of everyday life for the children. There are daily chats, house meetings and focus sessions with staff, in which the children give their views and opinions about matters that affect their daily lives. Children are also encouraged to participate in their looked-after children’s reviews. This empowers them to take part in making decisions about their care.

Ofsted, 2021

The strong, trusting relationships built between the staff and the children is a key strength. This helps to ensure that children feel safe and secure and able to trust the adults that care for them. Inspection report for children’s home: SC355839 4 Positive behaviour is encouraged through praise and reward. This positive approach helps the children to learn ways to express emotions in a safer way.

Ofsted, 2021

Our Approach

Consultation with young people is at the heart of all the work we do and the decisions we make about the child’s life are made with their involvement. We provide a nurturing and supportive environment which engages positively with young people and makes every effort to involve the wider system around them to ensure their needs are met.

We work hard to build constructive and warm relationships with young people and have a strong culture surrounding safeguarding issues where staff feel empowered and confident in risk management.

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